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1572  World Coins / Other World

CANADA, Queen Victoria, silver twenty cents, 1858 (KM.4) Attractively toned, subdued steel blue patination on the reverse, nearly extremely fine / extremely fine and scarce. ...

Price $625.00

1606  World Coins / Other World

ITALY, Venice, Giovanni Soranzo (1312-1327), AR grosso, obv. S.M.VENETI IO SVPANTIO, doge standing left, St. mark standing right, cross between, rev. IC XC Christ seated ...

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1607  World Coins / Other World

RHODES, Knights of the Hospital of St John, AR gigliati (gros), Raymond Barenger, grand master (1365-1374) obv. +.F. RAIMUNDVS. BEREnGARII:D:GRA:M, grand master kneeling before patriarchal ...

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1611  World Coins / Other World

ITALY, Vatican, Alexander VIII (1689-1691), silver testone, 1690, Rome mint, obv. bust to right, rev. two oxen to right, (Berman 2176). Toned, nearly extremely fine ...

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