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Lot 66      

Estimate $600
SOLD $660

KIRKWALL (ORKNEY ISLANDS) U.A.C., undated (circa 1820) (D.562; C.3464) (ex Agnew), F.C., 1843 (K&L.468; C.3466), St. Magnus E.C., undated (Br.982; C.5747) (illustrated), undated (K&L.844; And p.44; C.5656) (illustrated); Kirn (Argyllshire) U.P.C., 1860 (D.563; C.3467); Kirriemuir (Angus) undated (D.C. = David Cannan) (K&L.845; C.3127) (2 die varieties) (illustrated), U.P.C., undated (D.567; C.3469) (illustrated), E.C. 1823 (T.E. = Thomas Easton, 1810-56) straight grained or milled edge (K&L.846; C.3470), Rel.C., 1831 (I.S. = James Stirling (D.564; C.3472) (illustrated), O.S.C., 1855 (D.915; C.3475) (2, thick (illustrated) and thin flans) U.P.C. (Bank St.,) undated (circa 1845) (D.565; C.3468), North Ch, F.C., 1847 (K&L.469; C.3474) South, F.C. 1843, table 4 (K&L.470; C.3473); Kirtle (Dumfries-shire) undated (circa 1843) die break on obverse; Knapdale, North (Argyllshire) 1802, (A.C. = Archibald Campbell, 1778-1810) (K&L.848; C.4643) (illustrated ex A. McLean Collection); Knock (Island of Lewis, outer Hebrides) F.C., undated (circa 1848) (K&L.471; C.3544); Knockando (Morayshire) undated (circa 1750) (Br.694; C.3552) (illustrated), 1870 (K&L.850; C.3546); Knockbain (Ross & Cromarty) undated (Br.695; C.3195) (illustrated), 1841 (K&L.851; C.3547) (illustrated), F.C., 1843 (K&L.472; C.3548), West, F.C., 1887 (K&L.473; C.3549); Knoydart (Inverness-shire) 1866 (K&L.852; C.3551) (illustrated); Ladybank (Fife) U.F.C., St. Mary's 1903 (K&L.139; C.3614); Ladykirk (Berwickshire) 1716 (Br.696; C.3826) (3) (illustrated), 1749 (Br.698; C.3597); Laggan (Inverness-shire) 1781 (Br.699; C.3608) (illustrated); Lairg (Sutherland) undated (circa 1750) (Br.700; C.3587) (3 die varieties) (illustrated); Lamington & Wandel (Lanarkshire) undated (circa 1750) (Br.702; C.3595) (illustrated); Lanark (Lanarkshire) A.C., 1791 (A.H.= Alexander Harper) (D.573; C.3626), E.C. 1831, tables nil, 6 (K&L.857; C.3628) (illustrated), undated, (circa 1848), table 3 (K&L.858; C.3625); Hope St., Rel. C 1836, tables 1 & 2 (D.574: C.3629) (2) (illustrated); St. Leonard's, 1842 (K&L.859; C.3630) undated (circa 1855) (K&L.860; C.5648) (illustrated). Fine-extremely fine, many rare and interesting especially the Orkney issues. (44)

The Knapdale ex A. McLean Collection, the others ex Norweb Collection, two from Agnew.

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