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Lot 1841    Session 6 (9.30am Thursday)    Greek Silver & Bronze

Estimate $1,200
SOLD $1,100

PHOENICIA, Sidon, king Baalshallim II (c.386-370 B.C.), issued c.370 in his 16th year, silver tetrashekel, (27.86 grams), obv. war galley travelling to left over waves, Phoenician 'B' above, cable border around, rev. King of Persia in chariot with driver, Egyptian attendant or the king of Sidon behind, all within cable circle border, above date = year 16, (cf.S.5934, cf.Bet 16 [ANSMN 21], cf.BMC 19 [p.143], cf.SNG Fitz 6046, cf.Betylon 18 [p.9, Pl.2, 4]). Very fine and rare, the type unpublished.

Several examples of the dated coinage has appeared in recent years all coming from a common find. They are variously dated from years 13 to 16. Year 16 corresponds to the last date of issue of Baalshallim II and this must correspond to the very low 370's (371/370 B.C). Betylon the most recent scholar in this series makes no comment on the dated coinage except for a year 14 (p.11) the example in BMC 25 (p.144) which he indicates was the last date. This year 16 obviously changes the chronology and makes it more likely to finish c.370 B.C. in his 16th year.

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