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Lot 1824    Session 6 (9.30am Thursday)    Greek Silver & Bronze

Estimate $300
SOLD $280

CILICIA, Aegae, (47/6-27 B.C.), AE 19, (4.258 grams), obv. head of Alexander with taenia, border of dots, rev. Nike walking to left with palm branch, holding a wreath in her right hand, to right **[A]IGEAIWN*, to left monogram of O/M**Y*, (cf.S.5519, cf.SNG Levante 1681-5 (but different monograms), Lindgren 1399, CNA Sale X, 21st March 1990 (lot 301, This Coin), H.Bloesch 'Hellenistic Coins of Aegeae' ANS Museum Notes 27 No.233). Black and brown patina, nearly extremely fine, very rare.

Ex Classical Numismatic Association (CNG), Auction Sale 21/3/1990 (lot 301, realised US $187). Bloesch only records the Lindgren piece, no examples of this type in any public collections.

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