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Lot 1815    Session 6 (9.30am Thursday)    Greek Silver & Bronze

Estimate $350
SOLD $350

CARIA, Caunos (Kaunos), Uncertain ruler, (c.490-470 B.C.), silver stater, (11.834 grams), obv. Iris with curved wings and outstretched hands in kneeling-running position to right, rev. rough triangular shape on crude incuse square, (S.-, Koray Konuk 'The Early Coinage of Kaunos' in Essays Price, No.11, [dies of obv. 9, rev.8, 7 known, Pl.47, 11 same dies with advanced state of deterioration], Hyla Troxell 'Winged Carians' in Essays Thompson, No.6 [same dies in advanced stage of deterioration]). off centred slightly on the obverse, with advanced deterioration of the dies as are most known examples from these dies, otherwise nearly very fine and very rare.

The attribution of these anonymous archaic coins has been given to Caunos by Konuk in a detailed argument on the reading of Carian script on the later issues of similar type to this archaic issue above.

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