World Historical Medals


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Lot 2193    SESSION 6 (7.00PM WEDNESDAY 25TH NOVEMBER)    World Historical Medals

Estimate $280
SOLD $400

WORLD MEDALS AND MEDALETS, including France, launch of the cruiser 'Tourville', undated, in bronze (42mm) by Pingret; Concours de Tir, undated, in bronze (40mm); Napoleon, Conquest of Egypt, 1798, in bronze (41mm) by Bovy, Capture of Moscow, 1812, (40mm) by Andrieu, Memorial St Helena, 1840, in bronze (40m) by Bovy; Boulogne S/Mer uniface medals (2) in bronze (67mm); Great Britain, Wreck of HMS 'Foudroyant', 1897, in bronze (38mm) (BHM 3613, Eimer 1813); Transvaal War, 1899/1900, medalets (7); South African War National Commemorative, 1900, in bronze (45mm) (BHM 3680, Eimer 1851); Transvaal Souvenir, in white metal (37mm) (Fearon 351.9); Edward VII accession, 1901, in bronze (32mm) with Balloon School Royal Engineers reverse (BHM 3697); George V coronation, 1911, in bronze (50mm) (BHM 4022, Eimer 1922, Fearon 362.1)(cased); Lusitania medal (cast copy); Battle of Trafalgar sesquicentenary, 1955, in bronze (57mm) (BHM 4464, Fearon 406.2)(boxed); India, Army Temperance Assoc India, 1901, in memory of Queen Victoria, in silver; Rhodesia, Independence, 1975, in bronze (48mm); Scotland, Caledonian Lodge, Edinburgh, 1859, token. Good - nearly uncirculated. (34)

Ex. W.(Bill) Woolmore Collection.

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