Australian Historical Medals


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Lot 2928    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH MARCH)    Australian Historical Medals

Estimate $80
SOLD $60

FAIRFIELD CITY GAMES BICENTENNIAL, 1988, in bronze (octagonal 45mm) (C.-), with suspension, unnamed; The Sun-Herald City to Surf I Finished, 1988, in bronze (51mm) (C.1988/B281), unnamed; Sport 88 Aussie Sports, 1988, in copper (39mm), cased; Ryde Parramatta Golf Club, Bicentennial, 1988, in enamel and gilt (51mm) (1988/2), cased; St George District Amateur Swimming Association, competition medals, 1964/5, in enamel and gilt, and silvered, and bronze (approx 32x42mm), with suspension ring, all named to K.Mackinder CR; Rockdale Swimming Centre tokens (2, Adult and Child); Auburn Sports Expo Bicentennial Competitor badge, 1988, in bronze (23x26mm), pin back; City of Sydney Bicentennial medal, 1988, in bronze (29mm), with suspension; Bicentennial award medal, undated, in enamel and gilt (42mm), with suspension, unnamed; Bicentennial Memento Medal for School Students, 1988, in cupro nickel (38mm) (2, one in folder); various cased bicentennial medals (6); other cased meals, for NSW Fire Brigade Centenary, 1984, The State Coach 1988, Navy Week 1988; Amor Sanders Centenary, 1988, in bronze (38mm); United Permanent Building Society Official Opening, 1982, medallic paper weight; Royal Australian Mint Canberra, 1965, in bronze (37mm); Lambert Gravitational Centre, Australia, 2006, in bronze (50mm), Land Down Under Geodetic Survey. The badge and swimming medals very fine - extremely fine, the rest uncirculated. (27)

Ex Wal Shannon Collection.

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