Miscellaneous Australian Coins


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Lot 672    SESSION 3 (9.30am Wednesday)    Miscellaneous Australian Coins

Estimate $120
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SOLD $100

GEORGE VI, crown, 1937 (2, one not in case); Elizabeth II, florin, 1954 Royal Visit, threepence, 1954 (no case); Edward VIII, fantasy crown, 1936 (Bruce X.M3a) (no case); Elizabeth II, five dollars, 1988 in CBC cellophane pack; fifty cent 7-coin type set, 1966-91; 6-coin set, 1966-82; fifty cents, 1991 (8); twenty cents, 1995 UN 50th Anniversary (3); Farewell to Australia one and two cents; medals, Silver Jubilee of Australian decimal coins in bronze (31mm) (2); James Campbell of Morpeth penny token 1995 in copper (31mm); Penguin Railway Centenary 2001 in bronze (30mm) in folder (2); Grace Bros 100th Anniversary 1985, set of three silvered base metal spoons, each with a different designed handle, in a plush case (2). Unless otherwise indicated all coins and sets in plastic cases, the 1954 florin is fine, one 1937 crown is good very fine the other is extremely fine, the rest uncirculated. (27)

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