Greek Silver & Bronze


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Lot 3136    Session 11 (9.30am Thursday)    Greek Silver & Bronze

Estimate $180
SOLD $200

ITALY, Lucania, Metapontum, (c.330-280 B.C.), silver triobol, (1.00 grams), obv. Athena in Corinthian helmet to right, rev. ear of barley, [M]ETA to left, cornucopiae to right, (S.421, Noe F21, SNG Lockett 430); Ionia, Teos, (late 6th century B.C.), silver tetartemorion. (0.206 grams), obv. griffin head right, rev. quadripartite incuse square, (S.-, cf.Balcer 80 [p.37]); Cilicia, Celenderis, (400-350 B.C.), silver obol, (0.70 grams), obv. forepart of Pegasos to right. rev. goat kneeling right with head reverted, (S.5536, SNG Cop. 89); together with other Greek bronze coins, Pergamon (Mysia), (133-30 B.C.), AE 16, obv. Asklepios head right, rev. snake on staff of Asklepios, (S.3968, BMC 151); Sardes (Lydia), (2nd-1st century B.C.), AE 15, obv. Apollo head right, rev. club in wreath, (S.4736, SNG Cop. 481); Halicarnassos (Caria), (3rd-2nd century B.C.), AE 11, obv. Apollo head right, rev. eagle standing left, (S.4880, SNG Cop. 346); Cyzicus (Mysia), (2nd-1st century B.C.), AE 18, obv. Persephone head right, rev. KY in wreath with monogram, (S.3864, BMC 148). Fine - very fine, most in 2x2 packets with description. (7)

Ex Hollschek Collection for the last two coins and Noble Numismatics Sale 68 (lot 1784), Sale 73 (lot 3320) and Sale 77 (3198).

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