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Lot 2437       Great Britain Silver & Bronze

Estimate $800

HENRY II, (1154-1189), Cross-and-crosslets (`Tealby') coinage of 1158-1180, silver pennies (12), Class A, Leicester (Rodbert); another uncertain mint (Ricard); another uncertain; Class C, Bury St. Edmunds (Henri); Canterbury mint (Goldeep); another uncertain; Class D, Canterbury or Lincoln mint (Raul or Raulf); another Canterbury mint (Wivlf); York mint (uncertain moneyer); another uncertain ..EM..; Class E, uncertain mint and moneyer; Uncertain class London (Ricard); silver `Tealby' halfpennies (cut pennies) (4): Class A, London; uncertain class, Canterbury mint; another ..E: ON..; another uncertain; Short Cross issues Henry II, silver halfpennies (cut pennies) (2): Type Ib London (Aimer); Canterbury (uncertain moneyer); silver farthing (cut from penny), uncertain mint (Roger); (S.1337, 1339-1341, 1344). Tealby issues, as is usual generally with only traces of legends, mostly as struck but strictly poor - fine. (19)

This group have been kept together and come from a hoard, (believed of recent vintage), all have descriptive tickets and make an interesting study group.

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