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Lot 2013       Greek Silver & Bronze

Estimate $600

IONIA, Teos, (500-480 B.C.), silver stater, (11.75 grams), obv. griffin seated on back legs to right, left foreleg raised, rev. quadripartite incuse square, (S.3512, Asyut Hoard No.625 THIS COIN described and illustrated). Very fine and very rare.

Ex. Asyut Archaic Silver Hoard and Spink & Son London with their ticket of March 1973. $$ The book 'Archaic Greek Coinage, the Asyut Hoard', London 1975, 32 plates and 143pps, by Martin Price & Nancy Waggoner, presents one of the most remarkable finds of ancient Greek coins ever made. In all some 900 coins were found in Asyut in Southern Egypt. It was buried about 475 B.C., and almost all coins from this hoard are discussed, described and illustrated in this book. This coin presents and oportunity to acquire a very rare coin with an impecable petigree from the greatest documented Archaic Greek coin hoard ever found.

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