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Lot 1880    19TH CENTURY COPPER TOKENS    Nottinghamshire

Estimate $400
SOLD $500

NEWARK, T. Stansall et al's penny, 1811, view of Castle and river/legend (Davis 13 (2) (illustrated); Nottingham, Wm. Baker's penny, 1813 legend both sides, (Davis 15 illustrated), J.M. Fellowes' pennies, 1812, distant view of Castle/arms of the borough (Davis 16,17) 1813 similar (Davis 18) nearer view (Davis 19 illustrated) still nearer view (Davis 20 (2) illustrated). An attractive group, most with mint red, the first only nearly extremely fine, others good extremely fine-nearly uncirculated. Davis 19 very rare. (9)

The second ex P. Deane Collection, first, fourth and sixth ex S.V. Hagley Collection, third ex J. Gartner Collection, fifth acquired in 1960 from a Newcastle Collection, seventh from Spink in 1975, eighth ex Myles Gerson Collection (previously from R. Gladdle) (illustrated) ninth from Dolphin Coins in 1987.

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