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Lot 1862    19TH CENTURY COPPER TOKENS    Cambridgeshire

Estimate $90
SOLD $180

CHATTERIS, W. Curtis' farthings (Davis 2 (2, one struck en medaille, 4, 5). March, John Smith's farthings, 1820, 1825 (Davis 6,-) John Thurbon's farthing 1827 (Davis - mentioned in footnote to 6). Cumberland, Whitehaven, W. Bragg's farthings, 1812 (Davis 1 (illustrated) 2). Surrey, Richmond, Robert Innocent's farthing, 1821 (Davis 7) (illustrated). The last with mint red, nearly uncirculated, others very good-nearly extremely fine. (10)

The last ex Myles Gerson Collection (from Spink), fourth from Spink in 1975, seventh and ninth from Seaby in 1973, sixth ex S.V. Hagley Collection, third from Baldwin in 1973 others, acquired in 1960's.

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