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Lot 161    18TH CENTURY COPPER TOKENS    Hampshire

Estimate $270
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SOLD $240

GOSPORT, J. Jordan's halfpenny, 1794 (D&H 40,41,c, 42,c, var. edge as 53 call it 42d, 43,44); Lyndhurst, George III halfpenny size medalet, Visit to Lyndhurst etc., 1789 (D&H 45); Newport, Isle of Wight, Robert Bird Wilkins halfpenny, 1792 (D&H 46); Petersfield Holland and Andrews halfpennies, 1793, (D&H 47b, 48,a, 49, 52). Fair-good extremely fine, 41c, 42c very rare. (16)

No.41,44,46,48 ex J.R. Farnell Collection, 41c, 42c, 45,48a, ex T.A. Jan Collection (lot 85 part) through R. Gladdle, 42d, 47b from Dolphin Coins in 1997, 48c from Gothic Coins in June 1983, 43 ex S.V. Hagley Collection, 52 ex W.G. Wright Collection others acquired in 1960's.

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