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Lot 2379    SESSION 9 (4.30PM WEDNESDAY 3RD APRIL)    World Silver & Bronze (M -Z)

Estimate $150
SOLD $320

NETHERLANDS, under Spain, Philip II (1555-1598), Philip half ecu (or daalder), 1573, Holland, (16.99 g), obv. cuirassed bust left, dated below 1573, rev. crowned arms with the jewel of the Golden Fleece, on a cross made of knotty staves dividing two steels, (Delmonte 72), type with countermark in dotted oval with pearl border, (Delmonte 141A, Gelder Hoc 211-11). Original host coin fine with minor flan crack, countermark very fine, scarce.

Ex D.Simpson Collection.

In 1573 coins of half ecu etc as above had their value increased by 1/8th by order of the States of Holland and Zeeland. Each coin given in payment had to be stamped with this or the Zeeland countermark.

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