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Lot 2899    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH MARCH)    Australian Historical Medals

Estimate $100
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SOLD $70

BEALE & COMPANY PIANO COMPETITION PRIZE MEDAL, undated (c1927), in silver and enamel (26x41), obverse, raised bust of Beethoven right and around a Greek inscription (translates to 'The Contest Not The Prize'), reverse, plain except for a small raised black enamel piano at the base, unnamed, with black cord necklace (loop at top needs re-tying); also piano prize medal in shape of a stylised cross in silver (30.7x33.5mm), features harp in the centre and hand decoration around, in the cross arms is inscribed, 'D C E 2nd', reverse inscribed, 'Piano/18 & under/Betty May'. The first in fitted case and on lid lining is gold blocked, 'This Medal Was Designed/By Smith & Julius And/Made By Amor Ltd For/Beale & Company/Limited', uncirculated and scarce, the second good very fine. (2)

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