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Lot 2877    SESSION 11 (9.30AM THURSDAY 30TH MARCH)    Australian Historical Medals

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M(OTOR) B(OAT) C(LUB) N(EW). S(outh). W(ales)., (1910), prize medal in 15ct gold and enamel (13.01g; 30x34mm), by W.Kerr, obverse, in the shape of a ship's wheel and across the centre is a red enamelled flag with a propeller in the middle, on the circular band of the ship's wheel are the initials in blue enamel, 'M B C' at the top and 'N.S.W.' at the bottom, the reverse is inscribed, 'M.B.C./Ocean Race to/Broken Bay & Back/Won by/Dr F.Forster's/"Narwonah"/26.5.10'. Good very fine.

Five boats started in the annual race to Broken Bay and back for the Standard Cup. This was the fourth time the cup had been contested. The first in 1907 was an all-day reliability run inside the harbour and the last three to Broken Bay and back. The weather was perfect with a smooth sea and no wind. The previous year's winner, Betty, was in the running but on handicap was unable to repeat her previous year's win. The results were, 1. Dr Foster's Narwonah, 2. Mr King's Betty, 3. Mr Hinchcliffe's Frou-Frou.

Ex John Houstone Collection.

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