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Lot 319    SESSION 1 (Tuesday at 4.30pm)    New Zealand

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SOLD $340

MEDALET COLLECTION: Victoria's Golden Jubilee 1887 Napier N.Z. in gilt (31mm) (M.1887/4); Fiftieth Anniversary of Colony of New Zealand 1890 in silver (23.25mm) with suspension ring (M.1890/3); another but no ring (M.1890/4); The King is Dead Long Live the Queen 1897 in copper (21mm & 3mm thick) (M.1897/3); In Commemoration of Queen Victoria's 60 Years Reign June 1897 in white metal (26mm) (M.1897/6); Queen Victoria's 60th Year of Reign Nelson's Celebrations 1897 in gilt (31mm) (M.1897/11); Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897 & Otago's Silver Jubilee 1898 in gilt (31mm) (M.1897-98/1); Presbyterian Church of Otago & Southland Silver Jubilee 1898 in white metal (26.25mm) (M.1898/8); Success to N.Z. Contingent in gilt (22.5mm) (M.1899-1900/1) (2); another in gilt (M.1899-1900/2); Children's Souvenir of Visit of Duke & Duchess of Cornwall to N.Z. 1901 on H.M.S.Ophir in copper (27mm) (M.1901/6); another (cf. M.1901/8) (8), one with original ribbon; Dominion Day Medal 1907 in magnalium (27mm) (cf. M.1907/1) (2); Visit of H.M.S. New Zealand 1913 in gilt (22.5mm) (M.1913/1); Patriotic Medalet 1914 in brass (24.5mm) (M.1914/1) (2); J.R.Montague, Palmerston North commemorative of N.Z.Troops Return from Transvaal in copper (27mm) undated; Maori / Lord's Prayer in gilt (22mm) undated; Otago Centennial 1948 in gilt (32mm); Canterbury Centennial 1950 in gilt (32mm) with ribbon & suspender; Wairarapa Farmers Co-operative Association five shillings token in brass (32mm). Very good - extremely fine. (32)

This and the next two ex Tom Hanley Collection

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