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Lot 2040       Greek Silver & Bronze

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CILICIA, Satrap of Cilicia, Datames, (378-362 B.C.), silver stater, (9.72 grams), Tarsus mint, obv. Baal of Tarsus seated to right with head facing, holding eagle-tipped sceptre over right shoulder and ear of corn and bunch of grapes in left hand, thymiaterion in background, Baltrz in Aramaic behind, crenelated wall around as border, rev. the sky-god Ana pointing towards Datames (named Tdnnm in Aramaic), thymiaterion between them, all within shrine, (S.5646, ANS MN 31, 1986 Moysey, p.53 type 5, SNG von Aulock 5943, SNG Cop. 301). Scratches in field, off-centred on obverse, otherwise very fine and rare.

A similar specimen also off centred on obverse, but extremely fine realised in the London Sotheby sale, July 5, 1995, Å“1760. On this interesting coin the God Baal is seated on a throne. The reverse shows a scene that involves the satrap himself in a shrine, indicated by a wall and the presence of an incense burner. The sky-god Ana points towards the satrap who raises his hand against his forehead as a sign of submission, a gesture found on many Eastern monuments.

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