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Lot 836    Session 3 (2.30pm Tuesday)    Aviation Medal Collection

Estimate $200
SOLD $230

ZEPPELIN MEDALS, obv: LZ 127 GRAF ZEPPELIN - DR HUGO ECKENER, 1898-1928, busts of Zeppelin & Eckener to left, rev: LUFTSCHIFF LZ 127 GRAF ZEPPELIN, Preuss Staatsmunz edge, 900 fine, silver 36mm; another obv: GRAF ZEPPELIN 90th BIRTHDAY bust half right, rev: airship background, crest, children, to commemorate the christening of the dirigible Z 127, on his 90th birthday, July 8, 1928, AR toned 36mm, (Kienast 408); another obv: WORLD FLIGHT GRAF ZEPPELIN, SCHOPFER ECKENER DURR, three busts to left, rev: map showing stopping places on world flight, 1929, AR proof 36mm edge: PREUSS STAATSMUNZE; another obv: WORLD FLIGHT GRAF ZEPPELIN L Z. 127, Eckener bust within incuse hexagon to right, 33737Km., AUG 1929, rev: ports of call and dates, AE 50mm; another obv: DR HUGO ECKENER, 1929, rev: Zeppelin over globe Z 127 FIRST AROUND THE WORLD, copper another silver oxidised plate, both 36mm. Good very fine - FDC. (6)

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