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Estimate $7,000
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JULIUS CAESAR, (assassinated 44 B.C.), denarius, Rome mint, struck Jan - Feb 44 B.C., (4.13 gm), obv. CAESAR [IMP] before Caesar's laureate head to right, star of eight rays behind, rev. P. SEPVLLIVS MACER around, Venus standing left, holding Victory and sceptre resting on shield, (S.1412, Cr.480/5b, Syd.1071, BMC 4165). Slightly off centred on the obverse, otherwise very fine or better with an attractive even grey tone, a good portrait of Caesar, rare.

This coin represents an opportunity to acquire a fine and detailed portrait of Julius Caesar issued in the year of his assassination. The year 44 B.C. marked a turning point in the history of the Roman coinage. Caesar as dictator ordered his effigy to be placed on the silver denarii struck by the four moneyers including Sepullius Macer. This was the first occurance of contemporary portraiture on the Roman coinage, and it marked a major step towards the popular acceptance of the monarchical concept in the Roman State. Although the issue was cut short by Caesar's assassination on the Ides of March, other coins were struck bearing his portrait by the Caesarians. It soon became the practice for the appearance of more portraits of the triumvirs and other contenders for power and, soon, the emperors. This type with Venus on the reverse refers to the claim of the Julia gens to be descended from the goddess of love.

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