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Estimate $11,000

GROUP OF NINE WITH POST WAR DECORATION: Air Force Cross (GVIR); 1939-45 Star; Pacific Star; Defence Medal 1939-45; War Medal 1939-45; Australia Service Medal 1939-45; Australian Active Service Medal 1975 - clasp - Malaya; General Service Medal (GVIR Fid:Dei) - clasp - Malaya; Australian Defence Medal. The year 1949 on reverse of lower arm of first medal, 4198 H,J,Collopy on second to sixth medals, 03558 H.J.Collopy on last three medals. The first, seventh and ninth medals engraved, the rest impressed. Court mounted, extremely fine.

Together with matching set of miniatures, the first seven swing mounted as a group; RAAF sterling silver pilot's wings, reverse marked 'Stokes & Sons, 1949'; ribbon bar for first seven medals; BOAC metal name badge to Bert Collopy; buttons and ribbons; various association and club badges; photos including one meeting Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, reverse of this marked 'Thanks, Smithy crew'; newspaper clippings; original AFC citation; Certificate of Service and Discharge and other documents. AFC: LG 1/1/49, p31, posn 2; CAG 13/1/49, p49, posn 1. Citation: 'On 31st March, 1948, Flight Lieutenant Collopy was in command of Dakota aircraft A65-75 with a flying crew of three and five dropping crew giving a supply dropping demonstration to members of the three Services attending the School of Land/Air Warfare, Laverton. Due to bumpy weather conditions tossing the aircraft, one of the dropping parachutes caught the tail of the aircraft and the shroud lines, with a box weighing 180 lbs. attached, became wound around the elevators. Normal control of the aircraft was considerably affected and a crash landing appeared to be the best that could be hoped for. Flight Lieutenant Collopy displayed considerable skill in manipulating his engine and aeroplane controls and finally brought off a successful landing in a 35 m.p.h. cross wind with no damage to the aircraft. On 8th July, 1948, Flight Lieutenant Collopy again demonstrated coolness and skill in completing a circuit and landing after one engine of his aircraft had failed on take-off before the single engined speed had been fully attained. Flight Lieutenant Collopy on a previous occasion in New Guinea successfully flew his aircraft back to base after it had struck a tree in conditions of bad visibility. This officer has on these three occasions shown exceptional coolness and determination in the face of somewhat alarming circumstances and has shown outstanding skill in extricating his aircraft from dangerous situations. These acts and his devotion to duty which has been of the highest order over a period of 4,250 hours of flying have given a splendid example to all.' Herbert John Collopy, motor engineer, born 12Jun1908 at Prahran, Victoria; Enl.13Mar1939 as Warrant Officer; No.15 Flight Fitter Course, 1939; No.4 Pilot Refresher Course, 1941; No.10 Elementary Flying Instructor Course, 1941; qualified for award of Flying Badge (pilot); Disch.30Sep1943 on being granted a commission; Commissioned 01Oct1943 Special Duties Branch, Administrative Officer; noted as Pilot, No 37 (Lodestar Transport) Squadron, Laverton with courier work to New Guinea; 01Oct1943 Pilot Officer and operations South West Pacific Area in Dakota aircraft; Air Traffic Control duties from Dec1948; Air Traffic Control Course, 1949; 01Oct1949 Flight Lieutenant and to Eastern Area Headquarters, Penrith; to Air Traffic Control, Richmond and then Mascot 26May1950; a newspaper article dated august 29, 1952 shows Bert Collopy on his return from Malaya and states 'Dakota aircraft of 38 R.A.A.F. Transport Squadron in Malaya helped establish schools in remote areas of British Borneo, F/L Collopy said. The planes had recently dropped aluminium sheets and wiring by parachute for the construction of the schools. The operation would have taken weeks by land. He said the squadron had also made parachute drops to army patrols operating against bandits'; service terminated 20Dec1957 upon reaching retirement age for Permanent Air Force; Retired List 21Dec1957; later employed by BOAC. With research.

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