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Lot 2305       Indian Coins

Estimate $200

BINDRABAN, as a Mogul issue in the name of Shah Alam II (A.H. 1173-1221, A.D. 1759-1806), Bindraban mint, silver rupees (2), year 44, A.H. 12XX, with Scimitar and dagger, another with larger script (KM.10.5), silver half rupees year 44 (4), with different symbols, (cf.KM.9a), silver quarter rupees (5), mostly with scimitar and dagger with variations of symbols, all year 44, (KM. 8a). Fine - good very fine, the fractions rare, those with symbol variants unpublished. (11)

Ex Stan Goron Collection (except two half rupees), mostly with his tickets, and from Robert Senior by private treaty. $$ A semi-independent region that was under Jat control in the mid-eighteenth century, although nominally subject to Awadh it issued coins in the name of the Mogul Emperor Shah Alam II, it ultimately came under East Indian Company control.

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