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Lot 2099    Session 7 (11.30am Thursday)    Islamic Coins

Estimate $450

LATE ABBASID, Abul Abbas Ahmad al Nasir, (A.H. 575-622) (A.D. 1180-1225), multiple gold dinar (11.07 grams), with caliph's name, Madinat al Salam mint (Baghdad mint), A.H. 610 = A.D. 1213-1214, with additional field inscriptions, (cf.A.268, cf.BMC 487, Lavoix 1289, cf.M.264-5). Holed, weak in places with a large crinkled flan, otherwise nearly very fine and rare.

The Abbasid caliphate enjoyed a brief respite and are generally referred to as the Late Abbasid. They had restricted temporal authority during the decades preceeding Mongol occupation. The coins were struck at Baghdad. The denomination is uncertain and is often noted as a heavy dinar, they were apparently not struck with regular values but were rather of the nature of ingots of variable weight and valued in proportion to weight, they had a usual weight range of 6.5 to 9.5 grams. This example is a heavier piece than usual.

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